The flexible design of the KCV 5AX Series meets your changing needs from short-term projects to production manufacturing of Large work pieces. Extreme stability and speed provide both high accuracy and productivity, without sacrificing easy accessibility and rigidity.

Main Specification and Downloads
X Axis Travel 3050(120.07")
Y Axis Travel 820+45(32.28+1.77")
Z Axis Travel 720(28.34")
A Axis Travel -35 to +35 degrees
B Axis Travel -35 to +35 degrees
Rapid Tranverse Rate XYZ:16 (629ipm)
Spindle Speeds 35 to 12,000
Spindle Motor 50/40HP
Magazine Capacity 40 (OP: 30)
Table Size 3300 (129.92") x 820 (32.28")
Spindle Taper No.50

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