We increased the rigidity of the main body and the spindle to provide even higher cutting performance. Its feed axes utilize highly rigid and acurate box-ways like conventional machines. This enables machining of not only general parts but also parts made of difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium.

Main Specification and Downloads
X Axis Travel 1050 (41.34")
Y Axis Travel 530 (20.87")
Z Axis Travel 510 (20.08")
Rapid Tranverse Rate XY: 30 (1181 ipm) Z: 20 (787 ipm)
Spindle Speeds 25 ~ 8000 Gear (OP: 12,000)
Spindle Motor 25/20HP (40/34HP)
Magazine Capacity 30 (OP: 20, 40)
Spindle Taper No. 40 / No. 50

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